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The long awaited, re-issue of RTZ - Return To Zero

The classic album from RTZ is now available for download. The recordings feature the amazing vocals of Brad Delp as well as guitarist Barry Goudreau, bassist Tim Archibald, keyboardist Brian Maes and drummer David Stefanelli.

Download "RTZ - Return To Zero" From iTunes Here!


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November 2016
Barry Goudreau's Engine Room - "Full Steam Ahead".

November 2007
Delp And Goudreau - "Rockin' Away" (single)
The last single recorded by Barry and Brad.

Delp And Goudreau
Featuring: Brad Delp and Barry Goudreau with Tim Archibald, Brian Maes, David Stefanelli, Patty Barkas, Lou Spagnola, and Jack o-Soro.


1. What You Leave Behind 7. I Need Your Love
2. Hands Of Time 8. The Rhythm Won't Stop
3. Let It Roll 9. Reconciliation
4. Out Of My Hands 10. My One True Love
5. Keep On Runnin'    
6. Everyday    

MORE from the Archives!
RTZ - Found In America
These are the songs that sustained what was to become, RTZ in their search for a major label record deal. These songs led to the interest and involvement of Brad Delp which then lead to major record label interest. Engineered and produced by Barry Goudreau in his home studio and performed by RTZ.

RTZ - Lost In America

Lisa Guyer Band - Gypsy Girl

1. Gypsy Girl 6. Vending Machine Repairman
2. Brother Louie 7. House Of Glass
3. Bluer Than You 8. Change Blowin' Your Way
4. Given You Up For Dead 9. Telephone Blues
5. Tears   Move On

Lisa Guyer Band - Leap Of Faith

1. It's Alright 7. Nobody's Somebody
2. Sensual Shadows 8. Soul Mate
3. Leap of Faith 9. Damn Your Eyes
4. You 10. Lost in a Minute
5. Long Time 11. Son of a Preacherman
6. Contemporary Madness    

May 2000
RTZ - Lost
Some RTZ classics that almost never saw the light of day.

1. When You Love Someone 7. Given You Up For Dead
2. Turn This Love Around 8. Don't Wait
3. Someday 9. Talk To Me
4. Violent Days 10. Don't Lead Me On
5. Change For Change 11. Dangerous ( Bonus)
6 One In A Million    


RTZ - Return To Zero
With Barry Goudreau, Brad Delp, Tim Archibald, Brian Maes and David Stefanelli.
Download "RTZ - Return To Zero" From iTunes Here!

1. Face The Music 7. The Devil To Pay
2. There's Another Side 8. Until Your Love Comes Back Around
3. All You've Got 9. Livin' For The Rock & Roll
4. This Is My Life 10. Hard Time In The Big House
5. Rain Down On Me 11. Return To Zero
6. Every Door Is Open    

Orion The Hunter
With Fran Cosmo on lead vocals!

1. All Those Years 6. Fast Talk
2. So You Ran 7. Too Much In Love
3. Dreamin' 8. Joanne
4. . Dark And Stormy 9. I Call It Love
5. Stand Up    

August 1980
Barry Goudreau
Written and recorded in six months. This LP contains the favorite songs; "Dreams" and "Mean Woman Blues". Great Brad Delp vocals. Great Fran Cosmo cocals as well....Oh yeah, great drumming by Sib Hashian as well!

1. Hard Luck 6. Dreams
2. Nothin' To Lose 7. Life Is What We Make It
3. What's A Fella To Do 8. Sailin' Away
4. Mean Woman Blues 9. Cold, Cold World
5. Leavin' Tonight    

August 1978
Boston - Don't Look Back
Boston's second album. Lot's of touring, airplay and sales. Our own plane and even a tour of Europe and Japan.

1. Don't Look Back 5. Feelin' Satisfied
2. The Journey 6. Party
3. It's Easy 7. Used To Bad News
4. A Man I'll Never Be 8. Don't Be Afraid


September 1976
The first Boston album. Tom Scholz, Brad Delp, Barry Goudreau, Sib Hashian, Fran Sheehan and an appearance by Jim Masdea on drums. The debut LP that skyrocketed Boston to the top. The music from this album still sounds fresh today.

1. More Than A Feeling 5. Feelin' Satisfied
2. Peace Of Mind 6. Party
3. Foreplay/Longtime 7. Used To Bad News
4. Rock & Roll Band 8. Don't Be Afraid