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The long awaited, re-issue of RTZ - Return To Zero

The classic album from RTZ is now available for download. The recordings feature the amazing vocals of Brad Delp as well as guitarist Barry Goudreau, bassist Tim Archibald, keyboardist Brian Maes and drummer David Stefanelli.

Download "RTZ - Return To Zero" From iTunes Here!


Welcome to BarryGoudreau.com
The OFFICIAL website for former Boston guitarist, Barry Goudreau!

As a former member of the multi-platinum selling band BOSTON, Barry played on their first two albums, Boston, and Don’t Look Back. When released, Boston, was the fastest selling debut album of all time. Both albums landed on the top of the, Billboard POP Charts, with Boston, reaching #3 and Don’t Look Back, reaching #1. Barry’s musical career continued after BOSTON, going on to form Orion the Hunter, RTZ, and releasing two records with Brad Delp.

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